Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

A torpedo-shaped metal bursting head is attached to a steel cable that is pulled through the existing sewer line to burst the pipe. The existing line is a conduit to pull the new pipe through. As the old pipe is burst away a new trenchless pipe is pulled along behind the head.

The new pipe, called HDPE, is a much heavier plastic than ABS or PVC. HDPE pipe is fused together resulting in a no-joint line from end to end. It's superior to no-hub cast iron in that there are no joints where roots can penetrate the pipe.

This method of sewer replacement requires only a hole at each end of the line rather than digging a trench the entire length of the line, as required by more conventional methods. The whole process tends to be quicker with little distruption to existing landscaping, ashphault and concrete. Our experienced team can quickly evaluate if a trenchless sewer line replacement is ideal for your particular situation.

Trenchless Drain Replacement

See Express Rooter in action replacing a 39' drain thru dense roots!